Velu Physio Clinic
A Multispeciality Physiotherapy Clinic in Theni District

About us

A multi speciality physio clinic, a facility with certified, trained professionals, provides most excellent ...

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Our services

We provide high quality physiotherapy solutions and deliver effective treatment results in honest...

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Contact us

In this section you may find how to contact with us and send your queries about our treatment and ...

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Treatments available for
  • Ortho care treatment
    Velu Physio Clinic
  • Neuro care treatment
    Velu Physio Clinic
  • Old age care treatment
    Velu Physio Clinic
  • Fitness management
    Velu Physio Clinic
Facilities / Benefits
  • Neck Pathologies:   Cervical Spondylosis with or without Radiation in arm, Vertebral Artery Syndrome , Brachial Plexus Injuries,
  • Shoulder Pathologies:   Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff weakness/tears, Bursitis, Musculotendinous junction injuries like
  • Knee Problems:   Knee problems including Arthritis, Ligament and Meniscus injuries.
  • Foot & Ankle Problems:   Foot and Ankle joint related conditions (Sprains, Pes Planus, Plantarfascitis).
  • Back Pain:  Low back pain with or without radiation, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • Athletic injuries  
  • Office Ergonomics  
  • Neurological Cases:   Stroke, GBS, Spinal Cord Injuries, Facial nerve palsy.
  • Balance Disorders  
  • Post-surgical Cases:   Fractures, THR, TKR, Arthroscopy.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries:   Carpal tunnel syndrome, Dequervain Disease.
Where to find us
  • Address

    No: 735, Madurai Road, P.T.Rajan Hospital Upstairs, Theni - 625531.

  • Contact Numbers

    Phone:   (+91) 4546 254375
    Mobile:   (+91) 98424 48306